Saturday, December 20

scholastics art competition...

i have just entered ten artworks and two portfolios to represent kennedy high school at the scholastic art competition.  the entries will be juried and those that receive silver key and gold key recognition will be displayed at the minneapolis college of art and design. the gold key winners will then go onto the national competition.

click here for more information: minnesota level  national level

congratulations to the following students for being selected by mrs. yackel: 
connor m., grade 12
jeff p., grade 12
marcellina r., grade 12
jeanette m., grade 12
lisa b., grade 12
gretchen m., grade 12
benjawan s., grade 12
nicole h., grade 10
emily y., grade 10

click here to view their artworks: artwork

Monday, December 15


click on the link above to learn about a $ 500 scholarship award. it is for high school seniors residing in bloomington and planning to persue arts study at a post-secondary institute!

Saturday, December 13

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! all of my students, teacher friends and their families!

moving on...

as the second term swiftly moves on, the students in sculpture class have collaborated with students from mr. pike's woodworking class.  mr. pike's students class have built birdhouses from pine and the sculpture class will take the designs to the next level - based on a place or actual architectural form, they will add details to personal the structures!

in introduction to 3d art class, students will enter the underglazing and glazing stages of their handbuilt boxes with rolled texture and wheel thrown mugs.

Tuesday, December 2

mid-quarter tests...

dear students,
on friday december 5, you will be given a mid-quarter test worth 100 points.  to study, review the notes taken in class and participate in mrs. yackel's vocabulary fun!  to do so, simply click on one of the topics found under "study tools" on the left side.

Sunday, November 16

here we go...

Term Two Week Two November 16, 2008

This week Intro. to 3D classes will learn to thrown on the potter's wheel.  The goal is for each student to throw a cylinder and attach a handle.  Voila! a coffee mug!  In addition, they will be starting a box (lid and handle) that has a textured surface.  When each are bisque-fired, we will glaze and fire again.

Sculpture class is wrapping up their first project: SPHERES.  We will then move onto an abstract ceramic sculpture employing a ceramic mortar made from sawdust and vinegar- I can't wait!

Friday, November 7

term two begins...

monday, november 10th.  my schedule is:

hour 1: sculpture 
hour 2: prep
hour 3: introduction to 3d art
hour 4: introduction to 3d art

i would like to welcome all of my new students and their parents. to the left you can connect to course descriptions and presentations given in class.  

come back again to my site to see the progress that takes place this term - photos of students working, images of completed work, and updates to my quizlet link. quizlet  posts vocabulary terms and provides fun ways to learn them!

Wednesday, October 29


goodbye mrs. muther!  thank you for all you have contributed to room 46- you will be missed! good luck in your future endeavors.

Thursday, October 23

ceramics study guides

dear hour 2 ceramics friends,
please refer to mrs. yackel's quizlet page- you can find a link below and to the left. these vocabulary lists and quizzes will assist you for the final test. enjoy!

Tuesday, October 21

be the first to see it!

term one honors art final here

Sunday, October 12


important dates...
10/13 honors art intro. to project #3 by mrs. muther
10/22 ceramics art nouveau forms and bowls turned in to be bisque fired
10/23 - 10/31 ceramics glaze fest.. all glazing to be completed before leaving on the 31st
10/30 mrs. muther's last day @ kennedy, ALL honors project due (calendars, realistic/functional, abstraction/non-functional)
11/4 & 11/5 FINAL TESTS

Saturday, October 11

art excursion...

ceramics, honors art, and advanced photo journeyed to the institute of art and thw walker art center - all enjoyed! 

Wednesday, October 8

ceramics meets mason stain meets art nouveau...

meet beau...

what an inspiration!!!!!!!  

image 1 is a still life sketch of beau's favorite items, and the next is an "angry" self-portrait.

Tuesday, October 7

intro to 2d art painting project...

starting this week, 2d art students will be learning about color theory, facial proportions, and the history of self-portraits.  from there, they will complete a painting of themselves...on an egg crate- its eggcubism!!!

Friday, September 26

it's jeff p.!

jeff is planning for his project to paint a self-portrait.  this is the photo he will be working from-  i can't wait to show you the final work!

Wednesday, September 24

honors project #2

honors art students are planning designs for their project #2: realistic or function.  after studying the artworks of millet, goings, estes, springfield, mackenzie, and oldham, they will be on their way creating works of art that will knock your socks off!

Friday, September 19

week 3 of 08-09!

seriously, the days and the weeks are flying by! already next week the students will be taking mid-quarter tests - just amazing! and we are planning a field trip to the minneapolis institute of art and the walker art center. the field trip will take place on thursday, october 9 for honors art, ceramics, and advanced photo classes. the students are very excited to venture out and learn about and see famous works of art.

Thursday, September 11

honors art project #1 is underway!

the honors art students are is process of creating their first project. they are to create a calendar OR create something form an old calendar - i can't wait to see their final products!

Monday, September 8

ceramics cylinder project


Sunday, September 7

Wednesday, September 3

in class today...

ceramics: rolled out slab and constructed textured roller.  completed final design for textured roller.
honors: learned of layout process for at-home-work assignments.  remember, your first awh is due on tuesday, 9/9.

Tuesday, September 2


dear students,
welcome to room 46 - i envision this to be a place where you will find important announcements, study guides, and images of student work.

first - take advantage of the extra credit opportunity, bringing your course fee in early!
second - below are images of past student works.  feel free to comment!

i look forward to a fantastic term!
mrs. yackel

Monday, July 21

connor m., 2008


olivia w., 2008


allie, 2008

ceramic, acrylic paint, found object

madeleine s., 2007


becca b., 2007

ink washes

madeliene s., 2007

pen and ink
artist now a student at savannah school of design