Saturday, December 12

scholastics art competition...

i will be busy this week preparing our student's artworks for entry into the scholastic art competition!

for more information about it.. click HERE!

Wednesday, December 2

an update....

intro to 3d students are mid-way through creating their first hand-built piece from clay... a cubed box with a lid.  they are in the process of transferring a famous artwork onto the surface of the clay.  i cannot wait to see the final products!  each student is also spending time on the potter's wheel, creating a wheel-thrown mug with a handle.  the process is difficult, yet so rewarding!  we continue to have a quiz every friday...  this friday's quiz covers terms used on potter's wheel.

click HERE to study!

ceramics students are designing a set of canisters - focusing on a design that considers function before form.  the canisters are built using the slab technique, with a rolled texture.  the texture was created by carving or adding to a wine cork.

in addition, ceramics students are throwing cylinders and constructing a set of 2 goblets or 4 mugs.

Friday, November 13

Welcome to Mrs. Merkel-Jacobs!

Dear Kennedy High School parents/guardians and students, 

My name is Sara Merkel-Jacobs and I will be student teaching with Kelly Yackel in room 46 until December 18.  I go to school at Concordia in St. Paul and this is my final requirement in receiving my teacher’s certification.  I also hold a bachelor’s degree in art and a master of fine arts degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison.  I moved here about a year and half ago and at that time decided that I really wanted to teach and share my love of art.  I have been having a great learning experience here during these first few days and am very much looking forward to getting to know the students in ceramics and 3-D this term.  I hope I will have the opportunity to meet some of you in the next several weeks!


Mrs. Merkel-Jacobs

Wednesday, November 11

Vote for Tony!!!

Tony Eliason has been selected as a finalist for this week's "Artist of the Week" award for the 10th-12th age group.  The finalist who receives the most online votes between now and Saturday November 14 will be selected as our "Artist of the Week."  


To view the finalists and cast your vote, simply click on the link below.  Voting is limited to one vote per computer per day for each age group!


The "Artist of the Week" will be featured on the Artsonia homepage and will receive a commemorative plaque from Artsonia.  In addition, Blick Art Materials has generously donated $100 gift certificates to the winning teachers and $50 to the winning artists

Wednesday, November 4

Study smart...

the schedule for room 46 finals is as follows:
Tuesday, November 10 : Hour One
Wednesday, November 11: Hour Two and Four

Honors Art Final - Click Here
Intro to 3d Art Study Guide - Click Here

Monday, October 26

National Portfolio Day...

Join us at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Sunday, November 1 from 12-4 PM for the National Portfolio Day at MCAD! Schools from around the country will review your artwork, give you pointers on improving your portfolio and help you choose the right college and program.

No reservation required. This event is free and open to the public. 

Please arrive promptly as we are expecting a large turnout.

More information : CLICK

Sunday, October 25

what??? a new button...

To the right, you will find "artsonia".  Room 46 is gradually adding students' artworks.  Artsonia is the world's largest kids' art museum. It's a dream that every child will have a special art gallery online, reflecting their masterpieces from pre-school through high-school, preserved for all time!  

When items are purchased with your artwork on it, 15% comes back to Kennedy's Art Department!

Tuesday, October 20

scholastics art competition...

The Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards program (MSAA) is a statewide regional affiliation of the national Scholastic Art Awards program, which offers early recognition of creative teenagers and scholarship opportunities for graduating high school seniors.

This program is open to all Minnesota students in grades 7 through 12. Student entries are typically submitted by art teachers.

The Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards are celebrated with an exhibition and ceremony hosted by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Selected artwork will continue on to the national competition in New York.

CLICK for more information
CLICK to view 2009 award recipients

Tuesday, October 13

art competition...

The Freshwater Society and Metro ECSU/Success Beyond the Classroom would like to invite your students to participate in the 6th Annual Water is Life Art Scholarship Contest.
The 2010 Water is Life Art Contest offers scholarships and recognition to high school students who find an artistic way to express the significance of water. The Freshwater Society, working through Metro ECSU/Success Beyond the Classroom, offers this contest to Twin Cities metro area 9-12 grade public, private and home-schooled high school students.
Six $500 scholarships will be awarded!
Accepted artwork includes: photography, sculpture, fountains, painting, drawing, and short video. All artwork must be accompanied by an artist statement describing the work in relation to the theme Water is Life.
Scholarship Entry Materials:
Intent to Participate Due March 15, 2010.
Entry Form Due with artwork & essay March 25, 2010.
To learn more about the Water is Life Art Contest, contact Julie Schaal at or 612-638-1540.

Tuesday, October 6

Mid-quarter in room 46....

i can't believe it's the middle of term one.  it has flown by so quickly!  we have had a great time so far and i have enjoyed getting to know my students.  introduction to 3d art learners have been busy working with clay, both hand-building and wheel-throwing.  honors art "elitists" are creating original artworks in their chosen "major".  their sketchbook assignments are improving each week!

i look forward what is to come- completed creations from intro. kids and portfolio review in november for honors art students!  

Sunday, October 4

Pop Art Food Sculpture....

starting this week, introduction to 3d art students will begin their sculpture unit.  the studentswill be introduced to the work of andy warhol, wayne thiebaud, claes oldenburg and karen shapiro. working with clay, they will construct a replica of their favorite food item.  after the artwork has completed a bisque-firing, acrylic paint.

Saturday, September 19

we've had a great start...

Honors Art students have begun progress on project #1.  Each have chosen a "major", or medium of choice.  They will focus on that medium the entire term, in order to strengthen their creativity and develop a deep understanding of its limitations.  The theme of project #1 is "non-traditional self-portrait".

GIUSEPPE ARCIMBOLDO (Italian, 1530-1593) 
Vertumnus (1590-1591) 
Oil on wood

Introduction to 3-D Art students have jumped right into the clay!  Starting with a pinch pot goblet and moving into a slab box, they will surely improve their hand-building skills.  Next, students will experiment with the potter's wheel, and be asked to form a cylinder.  With that, they will pull a handle and join the two pieces together to create a functional mug!

Friday, September 11

at-home-works help...

dear honors art friends,

i want to share with you the artwork of three artists who have developed their drawing skills through the work they have completed.  click on their name to see their work!

Tuesday, August 25

upcoming opportunities....

historic walking tour... 
September 9, 16, and 23
6:30 – 8:00 PM
Writer and historian Larry Millett, author of AIA Guides: Twin Cities: The Essential Source on the Architecture of Minneapolis and St. Paul and St. Paul’s Summit Avenue and Hill District,will leadthree walking tours this
 September. This fall's tours will highlight three distinct areas of Minneapolis: the Minneapolis Milling District, Nicollet Island, and Lake of the Isles and the Prairie School.
Fee: $50 (for three lectures)

youngARTS registration deadline is 10/16/09

youngARTS is NFAA’s core program. It provides recognition and awards to young artists across the country. We are the only organization that encourages and recognizes artistic excellence in the literary, visual and performing arts, including dance, cinematic arts, jazz, music, photography, theater, visual arts, voice, and writing..

 Each year, approximately 6,000-8,000 students register for the youngARTS program and approximately 10 percent receive cash awards.

Wednesday, August 12

new layout !

Now you may find links to all resources on the right-hand side!

Monday, August 10

room 46 calendar

NEW!  you are able to view mrs. yackel personal planner!

Thursday, July 30

term one in room 46...

classes begin on september 8th!

hour one: introduction to 3d art
hour two: honors art
hour three: introduction to 3d art
hour four: prep

Thursday, June 25

Wednesday, May 27

cardboard shoe sculptures...

inspired by many artists who choose this ordinary, everyday, need-to-have object, introduction to 3d students will wrap the term up with this exciting endeavor!

Saturday, May 23

time's almost up!!!

the final term of the school year is 
quickly coming to a close.  
soon, there will be many artworks 
posted for you to view.  
here is a sneak peak!
jacob k., shelby t., and leeann e
hand-built ceramic box, decorated using a newsprint stencil, colored slips and clear glaze

Sunday, May 10

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round two...

as we have hit the second part of the term,
intro. to 3d students have constructed "exposed coil- coil pots".  with this technique, clay is rolled out into ropes, placed in a design pattern, blended and smoothed together.  then it is turned upright, position into a circular form, and a bottom attached!  after the bisque firing, students will glaze them, using cone 6, commercially produced colors.  in addition, we are in the process of learning to glaze our stenciled boxes and cylinders.

ceramics students are throwing a set of three nesting bowls, with added tention of placing emphasis on the lip.

on the days they are not on the potter's wheel, ceramics students have been given the challenge to produce an original texture into clay.  this can be achieved in a number of fashion: fabric, plaster carving, or by designing a polymer stamp.  with that textured clay, they have a plethora of options for construction possibilties: a bathroom set (soap dish, toothbrush holder,etc.), fashion items (pendant, beads, buttons), a set of coasters, or candleholders.

Thursday, April 16

and they're off....

intro. 3d students are beginning their first two projects:
(1) hand-built slab box, a surface decoration designed with a paper stencil and colored slip
(2) wheel thrown cylinder, sculptural elements added with ceramic mortar

ceramics students have begun constructing two functional forms:
(1) a hand-built flower pot/planter
choose one-large, trio, OR upside-down hanging
choose one- textured roller, paper stencil, OR transfer
(2) wheel thrown cylinders
choose one- set of four, trimmed foot, pulled handle OR set of 3 goblets

Wednesday, April 1

term four...

here we go!!

hour 1: intro. to 3d art
hour 2: prep/ independent study
hour 3: intro. to 3d art
hour 4: ceramics

Monday, March 23

wheel thrown cylinders!

introduction to 3d art students learned to use 
the potter's wheel and throw a basic cylinder. 
 to add some "fun", they allowed the clay to 
become bonedry, and with a 
ceramic mortar mixture, they adhered decorative pieces.  
underglaze was brushed on the artwork 
and then dipped in a clear glaze!

click here to see more results!

coil pots!

introduction to 3d art students hand-built coil pots.  
they practiced two different glazing processes: 
pouring the inside and brushing the outside!

click here to see the results!

final tests!!!



in addition: know the steps involved in plaster mold making, slip casting and trimming a foot on a bowl!

Wednesday, March 4

linear modular constructivism...

wow- what a large title for the introduction to 3d art students to swallow!  but, to put it simply, the students will be building a free-standing, in-the-round sculpture made with toothpicks!  participants will learn of  the works of andy goldsworthy, who creates with natural objects in environmental settings, and norman carlberg, who builds a unit and multiples it, to form his works.  click hereto view the powerpoint presentation given to students.

Wednesday, February 25

my new technique...

at iowa state, my ceramics professor said, "i think it's my responsibility professionally to my career as a teacher that i work in the studio every day."

as an art teacher, it's often expected that i have my own studio and have time to work on my own creations.  unfortunately, that is untrue- imagine the dust and fumes that would consume my home. with two small children (colin, 3 and tyler, 2) i hardly find time for myself.  during the school year, i complete demonstrations for my ceramics classes.  the items i throw are often neglected and become too dry before i can attach and handle or trim a foot.

earlier in the school, i discovered a ceramic sculptor by the name of mark gordon.  he creates works with a specially formulated "ceramic mortar" to join together bone dry pieces.  i adapted the recipe to fit the kind of clay we use in room 46.   and now i present, the fun stuff!

Tuesday, February 17

lake conference art competition...

is on display at normandale college through march 2.  ten artworks from each l.c. school hang in the arts wing, found on the west side of campus.  a reception and awards ceremony will take place monday evening, march 2.  the following students have been chosen to represent kennedy:  CONGRATULATIONS!
carly regner
carmen steinke
jeff prentice 
beau sinchai
jen silverman
kaitlyn mariska
emily young 
nicole haffield
connor murphy
katie griffith