Wednesday, November 17

Just in case.....

If you are wondering why i haven't been posting current class activities, its because my school district has switched to a NEW website carrier. In the past I have used Blogger as my main website for student and parent access- and impressed many with the design qualities! The "new" website template the district has adopted is more user friendly and I have taken on the position of training others to use "School Fusion". So for now, I will keep this blog in existence and links active.

Wanna see the "new" webpage? CLICK

Wednesday, October 13

Tuesday, October 12

sculpture unit: intro 3d art

hour 2: "worries" assemblage to incorporate with ceramic bust & "LMC"
hour 4: "land art" assignment & "LMC"

view presentation - CLICK HERE

hour 4 students: for inspiration, see richard shilling's land art HERE and HERE

Thursday, September 23

so impressive...

the video you are about to see is quite impressive. it is footage from a dance competition taken this past saturday. i have had 2 of the 4 dancers in class. please see:

Sunday, September 19

What we're doing:

Introduction to 2d Art: We have just completed our first unit of study, "Learn to See" and have started "Learn Design". Students will begin their first major project on Tuesday.

Introduction to 3d Art: Students are well on their way constructing a ceramic box with a lid and a carved design. Each has worked on the potter's wheel and will continue throughout the next two weeks. The goal is to create a set of wheel-thrown mugs.
PRESENTATIONS: Ceramic Vocabulary

Thursday, August 19

almost here...

the first day of school that is!
My schedule for first term:

CLICK on the class title to view course overview presentation

Monday, May 3

2010 3rd Congressional Art Show...

Congressman Erik Paulsen hosted a High School Art Competition. The show was presented at the Bloomington Art Center. Eight schools and fifty-five students participated in the competition. The following Kennedy students submitted artworks and four earned awards. CLICK on the name to see their piece of work.

Ryan Kutzler - Larkin Hoffman Award, $100 cash
Zach Booth - 2nd Place Award, $50 cash
Keegan Crose - Honorable Mention, $25 Blick gift card
Olivia Wood - Honorable Mention, $25 Blick gift card

Monday, April 12

holy cow.. it's term 4

Room 46 Schedule

hour one: intro. to 3-d art
hour two: intro. to 3-d art
hour three: intro. to 2-d art

Monday, March 22

Welcome to Ms. Haugh "HowK"...

Hello Kennedy Sr. High parents/guardians, students, and staff!

My name is Kari Haugh and I will be student-teaching under the supervision of Kelly Yackel from March 22 until May 7. Currently I’m enrolled in the master’s of education in art and initial licensure program at the University of Minnesota. I studied printmaking, painting, and costume design at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse where I received my BA in 2005.

I’ve always loved art but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided I wanted to become a teacher. After an internship with Highpoint Center for Printmaking and a year in Americorps serving as a tutor/mentor I discovered how much I really enjoy working with kids and teaching people how to make and appreciate art.

I’m excited to share my ideas about two- and three-dimensional art over the next six weeks and I’m looking very forward to this learning and teaching experience.


Kari Haugh

Wednesday, March 10

sculpture #3...

in class research in room 119 on thursday, march 11th.
What is Land Art? CLICK
Who are two well-known land artists? CLICK and CLICK
Who is a contemporary land artist? (one of Yackel' faves and flickr friends) CLICK
and story... CLICK
Elements and Principles of Design...CLICK

Saturday, February 20

Lake Conference Art Show...

The Lake Conference Art Competition will be displayed at Normandale Community College starting February 23. Congratulation to Kennedy's representatives! They are listed below: (FYI- click on their name to see their artwork!)

Anthony Eliason SECOND PLACE
Karin Johnson
Jennifer Silverman FIRST PLACE

Monday, February 8

term three on the way...

hour one: sculpture
students are using paperclay (tiolet paper pulp mixed in with clay) to build a bust. the bust will be a self-portrait with exaggerated facial features.

hour two: ceramics
on the potter's wheel, students are throwing pitchers.

in addition, they are creating NERIAGE blocks and inlaying into a slab to construct a serving tray.
hour three: intro to 2d art
we have begun our first unit- "learn to see" - students are exercising the right side of the brains with such activities as "spot the difference", "upside-down drawing", and duplication. (test yourself- look at the image below. can you find the hidden tiger?)

Sunday, January 31 1

We will be in room 119 on Monday, Feb. 1st.
You have four tasks to complete.
  1. Take a photograph of yourself using PhotoBooth.
  2. Upload that photo to distort - CLICK and print out in color.
  3. Read about paper clay - CLICK and take notes.
  4. Take the pre-test- CLICK

Monday, January 25

term two finals...

intro. to 3d art final test study guide... CLICK

ceramics students have chosen a famous painting. they will analyze the color scheme and recreate those hues will various glazing techniques. those hues will be applied to their nesting bowls.

Friday, January 8

Scholastic Awards!!!....

Congratulations to the following students for the success they earned in the 2009-2010 Minnesota Scholastic Art Competition:
Nan Sinchai: Silver Key for "Self-Portrait", Merit Award for "Sleep", and a Merit Award for her portfolio of 8 entries
Olivia Wood: Silver Key for "Dosage"
Raeann Oxborough: Merit Award for "Bursting at the Seams"
Jen Silverman: Merit Award for her portfolio of 8 entries of illustrations
Karin Johnson: Merit Award for her portfolio of 8 entries of functional ceramics

This year The Minnesota Scholastic Art Competition received 1151 individual artwork entries and 161 portfolio entries! The jury awarded 53 Gold Keys and 115 Silver Keys for individual entries and 10 Gold Key and 18 Silver Keys for portfolio entries. Additionally, the jury awarded 150 individual entry Merit Awards and 77 Portfolio Merit Awards to students whose work, although not chosen to be in the MSAA Exhibition, was noted by the jurors as deserving of merit.

CLICK to view all entries.

Thursday, January 7

functional boxes...

are on display!! Intro to 3d students constructed clay slab boxes and designed the surface. The idea for the imagery was inspired by a famous artist and brushed on with underglazes. to see a selection of student work...CLICK!

box people....

intro to 3d students have moved from working with functional forms to non-functional sculptures. first, they were assigned to build a ceramic animal. the task involved using texture and creating true-to-life features. next, students are constructing form cardboard and papier mache a self-portrait. CLICK for project details. The self-portrait is inspired by an artist by the name of marisol escobar. her work is boxy, bright and humorous!