Saturday, December 12

scholastics art competition...

i will be busy this week preparing our student's artworks for entry into the scholastic art competition!

for more information about it.. click HERE!

Wednesday, December 2

an update....

intro to 3d students are mid-way through creating their first hand-built piece from clay... a cubed box with a lid.  they are in the process of transferring a famous artwork onto the surface of the clay.  i cannot wait to see the final products!  each student is also spending time on the potter's wheel, creating a wheel-thrown mug with a handle.  the process is difficult, yet so rewarding!  we continue to have a quiz every friday...  this friday's quiz covers terms used on potter's wheel.

click HERE to study!

ceramics students are designing a set of canisters - focusing on a design that considers function before form.  the canisters are built using the slab technique, with a rolled texture.  the texture was created by carving or adding to a wine cork.

in addition, ceramics students are throwing cylinders and constructing a set of 2 goblets or 4 mugs.