Sunday, November 16

here we go...

Term Two Week Two November 16, 2008

This week Intro. to 3D classes will learn to thrown on the potter's wheel.  The goal is for each student to throw a cylinder and attach a handle.  Voila! a coffee mug!  In addition, they will be starting a box (lid and handle) that has a textured surface.  When each are bisque-fired, we will glaze and fire again.

Sculpture class is wrapping up their first project: SPHERES.  We will then move onto an abstract ceramic sculpture employing a ceramic mortar made from sawdust and vinegar- I can't wait!

Friday, November 7

term two begins...

monday, november 10th.  my schedule is:

hour 1: sculpture 
hour 2: prep
hour 3: introduction to 3d art
hour 4: introduction to 3d art

i would like to welcome all of my new students and their parents. to the left you can connect to course descriptions and presentations given in class.  

come back again to my site to see the progress that takes place this term - photos of students working, images of completed work, and updates to my quizlet link. quizlet  posts vocabulary terms and provides fun ways to learn them!