Monday, March 23

wheel thrown cylinders!

introduction to 3d art students learned to use 
the potter's wheel and throw a basic cylinder. 
 to add some "fun", they allowed the clay to 
become bonedry, and with a 
ceramic mortar mixture, they adhered decorative pieces.  
underglaze was brushed on the artwork 
and then dipped in a clear glaze!

click here to see more results!

coil pots!

introduction to 3d art students hand-built coil pots.  
they practiced two different glazing processes: 
pouring the inside and brushing the outside!

click here to see the results!

final tests!!!



in addition: know the steps involved in plaster mold making, slip casting and trimming a foot on a bowl!

Wednesday, March 4

linear modular constructivism...

wow- what a large title for the introduction to 3d art students to swallow!  but, to put it simply, the students will be building a free-standing, in-the-round sculpture made with toothpicks!  participants will learn of  the works of andy goldsworthy, who creates with natural objects in environmental settings, and norman carlberg, who builds a unit and multiples it, to form his works.  click hereto view the powerpoint presentation given to students.