Wednesday, May 27

cardboard shoe sculptures...

inspired by many artists who choose this ordinary, everyday, need-to-have object, introduction to 3d students will wrap the term up with this exciting endeavor!

Saturday, May 23

time's almost up!!!

the final term of the school year is 
quickly coming to a close.  
soon, there will be many artworks 
posted for you to view.  
here is a sneak peak!
jacob k., shelby t., and leeann e
hand-built ceramic box, decorated using a newsprint stencil, colored slips and clear glaze

Sunday, May 10

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round two...

as we have hit the second part of the term,
intro. to 3d students have constructed "exposed coil- coil pots".  with this technique, clay is rolled out into ropes, placed in a design pattern, blended and smoothed together.  then it is turned upright, position into a circular form, and a bottom attached!  after the bisque firing, students will glaze them, using cone 6, commercially produced colors.  in addition, we are in the process of learning to glaze our stenciled boxes and cylinders.

ceramics students are throwing a set of three nesting bowls, with added tention of placing emphasis on the lip.

on the days they are not on the potter's wheel, ceramics students have been given the challenge to produce an original texture into clay.  this can be achieved in a number of fashion: fabric, plaster carving, or by designing a polymer stamp.  with that textured clay, they have a plethora of options for construction possibilties: a bathroom set (soap dish, toothbrush holder,etc.), fashion items (pendant, beads, buttons), a set of coasters, or candleholders.