Wednesday, February 25

my new technique...

at iowa state, my ceramics professor said, "i think it's my responsibility professionally to my career as a teacher that i work in the studio every day."

as an art teacher, it's often expected that i have my own studio and have time to work on my own creations.  unfortunately, that is untrue- imagine the dust and fumes that would consume my home. with two small children (colin, 3 and tyler, 2) i hardly find time for myself.  during the school year, i complete demonstrations for my ceramics classes.  the items i throw are often neglected and become too dry before i can attach and handle or trim a foot.

earlier in the school, i discovered a ceramic sculptor by the name of mark gordon.  he creates works with a specially formulated "ceramic mortar" to join together bone dry pieces.  i adapted the recipe to fit the kind of clay we use in room 46.   and now i present, the fun stuff!

Tuesday, February 17

lake conference art competition...

is on display at normandale college through march 2.  ten artworks from each l.c. school hang in the arts wing, found on the west side of campus.  a reception and awards ceremony will take place monday evening, march 2.  the following students have been chosen to represent kennedy:  CONGRATULATIONS!
carly regner
carmen steinke
jeff prentice 
beau sinchai
jen silverman
kaitlyn mariska
emily young 
nicole haffield
connor murphy
katie griffith

Sunday, February 1

projects are starting!

ceramics students are throwing a "perfect" cylinder.  
with that, they will make a plaster mold and 
complete a series of mugs 
through a slip casting process!
for their first handbuilding project, 
ceramics kids have been given the task 
to make a chip & dip set.  their
 design is to show their personality and individual taste.

introduction to 3d students are throwing 
a cylinder on the potter's wheel and 
using the slab technique to build a cubed box.
each piece with have a creative surface decoration!