Saturday, September 19

we've had a great start...

Honors Art students have begun progress on project #1.  Each have chosen a "major", or medium of choice.  They will focus on that medium the entire term, in order to strengthen their creativity and develop a deep understanding of its limitations.  The theme of project #1 is "non-traditional self-portrait".

GIUSEPPE ARCIMBOLDO (Italian, 1530-1593) 
Vertumnus (1590-1591) 
Oil on wood

Introduction to 3-D Art students have jumped right into the clay!  Starting with a pinch pot goblet and moving into a slab box, they will surely improve their hand-building skills.  Next, students will experiment with the potter's wheel, and be asked to form a cylinder.  With that, they will pull a handle and join the two pieces together to create a functional mug!

Friday, September 11

at-home-works help...

dear honors art friends,

i want to share with you the artwork of three artists who have developed their drawing skills through the work they have completed.  click on their name to see their work!