Thursday, April 16

and they're off....

intro. 3d students are beginning their first two projects:
(1) hand-built slab box, a surface decoration designed with a paper stencil and colored slip
(2) wheel thrown cylinder, sculptural elements added with ceramic mortar

ceramics students have begun constructing two functional forms:
(1) a hand-built flower pot/planter
choose one-large, trio, OR upside-down hanging
choose one- textured roller, paper stencil, OR transfer
(2) wheel thrown cylinders
choose one- set of four, trimmed foot, pulled handle OR set of 3 goblets

Wednesday, April 1

term four...

here we go!!

hour 1: intro. to 3d art
hour 2: prep/ independent study
hour 3: intro. to 3d art
hour 4: ceramics